Get the look of a remodel at the fraction of the price, with a lot less headache.

Not Just for Your Kitchen

Does your stair banister or railing need a facelift? What about your fireplace mantle or bathroom cabinets?


Our signature refinishing process is not limited to kitchen cabinets. It is also a great way to update and refresh:

  • Laundry Cabinets

  • Fireplace Mantels

  • Bathroom Cabinets

  • Stair Banisters and Railings

  • Beloved Furniture

  • and More!

Let us help give your home the look of remodel, at a fraction of the cost and a lot less hassle.

What Makes our Signature Refinishing Process so Durable?

​We start by fully preparing the wood for maximum adhesion. Then we apply two full coats of special, professional paint, which dries differently on a microscopic level, making it extremely scratch resistant. The finish dries extra hard, standing up to wear and tear from bumps, scratches, and normal use.​

Check out one blogger's recent kitchen cabinet update by Chameleon Painting!

Why Choose our Signature Refinishing Process?

How do our results compare to painting your cabinets on your own?

Chameleon Painting 
  • Extremely resistant to scratches, bumps, and normal wear & tear

  • Professional wood preparation for maximum paint adhesion

  • Works on all wood surfaces in the home

  • Low VOCs; almost odorless

  • Minimal preparation on your part (you don't even have to empty your cabinets!)


DIY Methods
  • Scratches easily with normal use

  • Inferior paint adhesion 

  • Does not work with all household wood surfaces

  • High VOCs; strong odor

  • Disruptive and time-consuming